• They reflect the hairstyles that we offer. Quality being our first priority, our techniques and styles guarantee the beauty of your braids, as well as the efficiency and speed needed for the chosen hairstyle.
  • However, for custom styles:
    • Contact us by phone or via the Contact section of our website.
    •  Send us a picture of your desired model and your appointment date.
    •  Our specialists will contact you to confirm your appointment and the best approach for your model.
  • Yes.
  • We offer synthetic hair of different colors from our Ancestral collections. We favor quality brands, which you will find in our boutique at a competitive price.
  • You may also bring your own hairs.
  • Colors in store: black (1b, 2b); golden blonde, platinum blonde, bronze, combined colors black, bronze, brown, purple, and more.
  • Yes, preferably.
  • Cleaning and smoothing your hair, whatever their condition (natural or treated),will make the hairstyling easier.
  • However, we can do it at our beauty center, according to our rates.


  • Yes. We offer 100% Virgin Human Hair extensions of different colors.  We favor the IMANI brand, that you will find in our boutique.
  • You may also bring your own extensions.
  • Colors: black, brown, gold, blond, red, and more.
  • Types: straight, wavy, curly.
  • Length: 12 ”, 14 ”, 16 ”, 18 ”, and more.

Natural curls

  • By wavy, we define the hair in the form of “waves” or “S” which form soft loops and less intertwined. The capillary mass is variable.
  • By curly, we define the hair in the form of “swirl” or “spring” which form loops closer together with a capillary mass generally dense and drier than the wavy.
  • By coiled, we define the loops in the shape of “Z” that we categorize kinky types with a capillary mass as dense as curly and almost cottony because of its texture.


  • Yes. In order to guarantee the best quality of service to all our customers, making an appointment and respecting the schedule is important to us.
  • We will contact you 24 hours in advance to confirm your appointment.
  • We usually give our clientele an extra 15 minutes to arrive for their appointment. In case of a delay exceeding this time, please contact us to re-schedule your appointment.
  • A cancellation within a minimum of 24 hours in advance not only allows us to re-schedule your appointment, but also gives us the opportunity to offer your appointment to other customers.